Sourcing Talent

AHT strives to provide high quality and high performing personnel to our Client projects. AHT supports its personnel in professional development and accreditation to ensure they achieve endless success in their career journey. This value add to our Clients projects with continuity through the project lifecycle.

AHT identifies, encourages and rewards new talent to enter the Oil & Gas sector through work experience placements, training and study grants.

This assists in mitigating the potential skills shortage and also supports new talent to identify work and fulfilling careers in the Oil & Gas sector and provides new talent to our Clients now and into the future.

Talent Retaining: The Retain component of the recruitment process that AHT offers is focused on ensuring that personnel are retained for the duration of their contract which can be challenging in the event of skills shortages and to ensure that any issues are identified at the earliest possible stage and resolved and that opportunities for permanent placements, professional development and career progression are part of the retain phase of the recruitment Lifecyle.