Our Solutions

AHT is flexible and adaptable in the recruitment models it offers to its Clients and reviews these on an ongoing basis to ensure the most effective solutions are offered to our Clients at all times.

With the knowledge of Oil & Gas projects and based on some of the market insights detailed in the point above, AHT utilises the Find, Engage and Retain model with a light internal Client component.

This is a hybrid recruitment model of Contingency and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where AHT provides ongoing recruitment & placement action, where the Position Description competencies and attributes can be defined by the Hiring Manager or HR Business partner.

– AHT finds the candidates utilising AHT’s extensive network, social media and online tools including LinkedIn, Seek and job boards etc.

– Once suitable candidates are identified, the engagement process is commenced where job seekers are contacted to gain an understanding of what they are looking for in their next job and also to communicate information regarding the position, the Client’s projects and workplace culture. This refines the list of candidates to a shortlist that provides the best matches based on both parties requirements. Once the shortlist is completed, this is provided so that interviews and any pre-employment checks and inductions can be completed and offers made in accordance with Santos internal recruitment processes.

– The Retain component of the recruitment process that AHT offers is focused on ensuring that personnel are retained for the duration of their contract which can be challenging in the event of skills shortages and to ensure that any issues are identified at the earliest possible stage and resolved and that opportunities for permanent placements, professional development and career progression are part of the retain phase of the recruitment Lifecyle.